Six Senses Spa Nha Trang at Evason Ana Mandara introduces Detox

Six Senses Spa Nha Trang at Evason Ana Mandara introduces Detox

Six Senses Spa Nha Trang at Evason Ana Mandara rolls out two results-oriented detox programs: Detox Me and Yogic Detox.
The ‘Detox Me’ programs are simple, effective ways to safely detoxify the body, balancing your digestive system whilst providing essential natural food-based supplements that assist the purification process. After the detox you will feel balanced, lighter and slimmer. Programs will be personally guided by Ms. Giao, resident yoga instructor, acupuncturist and Reiki master.

One Day ‘Detox Me’ Program

This is an instant recovery program, after over indulging in food and/or alcohol. It is an excellent way to balance your body’s pH levels and it can also be highly beneficial to people in the initial stages of feeling unwell or just lacking in energy.

This program is priced at USD 129 per person, per program*

Three Day “Detox Me” Program

This is the ideal detox program, which can be carried out during your stay. Our Six Senses Spa team will seamlessly assist you along every step throughout the three days, providing a detailed schedule of raw food on the first and final days that bookend the liquid diet day; yoga; a wonderful lymphatic drainage massage; some light exercise; steam room sessions; detox foot soak; a series of juices and food supplements providing an instant health pick up.

This program is priced at USD 220 per person, per program*

Yogic Detox One Day Program

Cleanse the body and mind through an ancient yet effective practice. Increase your energy levels, improve clarity of thought and enjoy a quieter mind. Rest and improve your digestive system through sensible eating of whole foods. Boost the immune system.

Ideal for guests looking for less punishing detox program, Yogic Detox Day combines aspects of asana (hatha yogic postures) and a balanced diet along with a yogic intestinal cleanse using warm salt water to offer a profound experience. The program is complemented by two wonderful detox treatments including Vietnamese cupping massage.

This program is priced at USD 189 per person, per program*

Director Six Senses Spas Thailand and Vietnam, Mark Sands, explains the rationale and benefits of the programs: “The more we understand our bodies, the more we realize our own responsibilities to providing the right fuel, exercise and care. The treatments chosen fit the underlying purpose of the programs; however, it is perhaps the way guests will feel afterwards or during the programs that best describes their benefits. More relaxed, more peaceful, the mind is quieter; guests will be able to be more present in the moment, taking time to appreciate their surroundings, those around them and themselves.”