Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai presents 5 reasons to love spring in the city

Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai presents 5 reasons to love spring in the city

Spring is special in Shanghai – the weather soon warms up, everyone breathes a sigh of relief as the grey days of winter are over and once can enjoy strolling around without thick winter coats. Here, Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai describes are five more reasons to love spring this year. (1)
A Perfect Time for Sophisticated Lovers of Arts

Perhaps the most famous writer and storyteller on the planet, William Shakespeare, is being globally commemorated this year, as it is 400 years after his death. Shanghai is getting in on the act, with visits from top celebrities such as Sir Ian McKellen and Benedict Cumberbatch acting and hosting screenings.

Called Shakespeare Lives in 2016, this artistic project is being featured in more than 140 countries. Shakespeare has always been one foreign piece of literature and stage play that has been permitted to be translated and shown in China for many years. The Shanghai International Film Festival will be showcasing a variety of Shakespearean adaptations, including King and Country as well as Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 and Henry V, The Merchant of Venice and screenings of Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch.

The concierge at Four Seasons can advise on The Dramatics Art Center, which will be hosting many of the shows.

A Clear and Classical taste of Refreshing and Healthy Spring

Come to Shàng-Xí to enjoy the very finest braised bamboo shoots, often coupled with fresh shrimps.

Bamboo shoots are light and refreshing, nutrient rich, and with plenty of delicious moisture, protein, fat, carbohydrate, carotene and essential nutrients such as vitamin B, C, E and calcium, alongside minerals phosphorus, iron and other trace elements. All of these powerful elements are tightly packed within a pleasant tasting spring vegetable.

Shàng-Xí proudly represents true Cantonese cooking with its Cantonese chef, who has been with the Hotel since it opened. This kind of professional trust and longevity ensures that the entire restaurant team, from the cooks through to the waitstaff, are part of one big family, ready to not only serve but dazzle and delight guests. The chef regularly travels back to his Cantonese homeland to personally source the best and freshest ingredients for dishes that are traditional in nature yet modern in presentation and quality.

Spring Staycation at Four Seasons

Celebrate love and life with a staycation – after all, spring is nesting season as everyone prepares for the year ahead, so create a luxury nest for a weekend of total pleasure at Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai.

The Hotel invigorates the senses, perfect for the new season of optimism and happiness. Whether for romance and passion, family and relaxation, culture and contemporary luxury, the treats and temptations make it into the ultimate staycation destination.

For fitness fanatics as well as those simply wanting some space and perspective, the gym and infinity pool on the 41st floor flows with cool sophistication and class. Guests will feel like stars as they perch above the dazzling twinkles of Lujiazui, with sensual music and the lapping of the water as natural pleasure for the senses. (2)
Spring Tourism

Spring tourism in Shanghai means taking advantage of the many excellent day trips offered by Shanghai’s crucial delta location. Whether one wants the quietest water town or to see another city entirely, China’s train network means affordable, comfortable and quick travel to many different areas.

The greater Shanghai region is blessed with seemingly unlimited water towns including Qibao, Zhouzhuang, Zhujiajiao, Tongli, Wuzhen, Xitang and more. Jinxi is a preferred choice due to its relative tranquility. The town feels more open, further away from larger cities (some areas are labelled as water towns, but are manufactured streets within larger, messy cities) and has a few charming guesthouses to turn a one-day into a romantic overnight trip.

May and June are excellent times to visit water towns, and the Hotel’s concierge will only be too happy to guide guests on locations and transport options.

Rock the Spring

Rock on and rock out this spring with Shanghai’s crowd-crazy, raving and pleasure-seeking music lovers. There’s something for everyone, from large scale park concerts, jazz festivals and entire areas of the countryside and city dedicated to seeing amazing acts, including famous classics such as The Prodigy and DJ Sandwich to the Symphony Orchestra at JZ Festival. The Hotel’s concierge will be happy to guide guests on transportation and details for the events.

The well-known and beloved Strawberry Festival is from April 30 to May 2, 2016 at the Expo Park. Jazz lovers will want to go to JZ Spring Festival, which is held along Jing’an Park & Shanghai Center, also from April 30 to May 2. For something a little different, go to the Spring Wave Music Festival on Dishui Lake West Island, to the South East of the city, from April 30 to May 1.