Experience M-OHMents of Wellness at Mandarin Oriental New York

Experience M-OHMents of Wellness at Mandarin Oriental New York

Visitors and locals alike are invited to Mandarin Oriental, New York this spring to learn the practice of silent mantra meditation and attain a renewed sense of well-being under the guidance of consciousness consultant Shivangi Van Gogh, Founder of The Green Ashram. Guests participating in the M-OHMents of Wellness weekend journey, taking place June 10 through 12, 2016, will also enjoy a comprehensive and immersive program featuring spa treatments, nutritious culinary experiences and a special yoga session on Saturday, June 11th in celebration of Global Wellness Day.
Guests who experience the M-OHMents of Wellness weekend journey will be introduced to Shivangi Van Gogh’s silent mantra meditation, a simple, effortless and highly-effective technique that is based on 5,000 year-old wisdom derived from the Vedas, or sacred texts of India and practiced twice per day for 20 minutes each. Over the course of the weekend, guests will experience four 90-minute guided meditation sessions led by Shivangi Van Gogh offering comprehensive instruction on the proper techniques to become life-long meditators and achieve an expanded sense of consciousness. Participants will also enjoy specialized treatments as well as organic vegetarian culinary experiences and fresh-pressed juices designed to detox and complement the meditation practice.

Providing an oasis of tranquility high above Manhattan, Mandarin Oriental, New York offers the perfect environment to embark upon a journey of wellness and meditation with guestrooms featuring floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Central Park, the Hudson River and the city skyline as well as a holistic award-winning Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York. In addition to the guided meditation sessions, guests will enjoy an array of experiences designed to encourage internal quiet and self-reflection, including a signature Calm Mind Retreat spa treatment and a group yoga lesson. Rates for the M-OHMents of Wellness experience begin at USD 1,800 per night and include:

· Two night’s accommodation in a guestroom or suite for one guest

· Daily vegetarian breakfast and lunch to complement the meditation program

· One 80-minute Calm Mind Retreat and access to The Spa’s Heat Experiences

· Group yoga session in Central Park led by instructors from The Spa, taking place on Saturday, June 11th in celebration of Global Wellness Day

Additionally, a special days-only package is available for guests who do not require overnight accommodations.

Over the past few years, the practice of meditation has become increasingly popular with an array of techniques available to meet the needs of an individual. While meditation practice may range from silent mantra to mindfulness, each presents innumerable and lasting health, emotional and psychological benefits. According to an article that appeared in February on The New York Times, “the benefits of mindfulness meditation are supposed to be many: reduced stress and risk for various diseases, improved well-being, a rewired brain.” A study published in Biological Psychiatry, which is referenced in the piece, also suggests that those who practice meditation

experience “more activity, or communication, among the portions of their brains that process stress-related reactions and other areas related to focus and calm.”

“With the M-OHMents of Wellness journey at Mandarin Oriental, New York, we hope to provide each guest with a supportive environment to discover the practice and technique of silent mantra meditation and for each guest to directly experience the benefits of this daily practice,” said Shivangi Van Gogh. “The experience is designed for sequential expansion of knowledge with each session building upon the last. As the guest’s consciousness evolves and their meditation practice continues following the weekend, they will enjoy a deep state of inner peace, increased awareness and focus, and sustainable happiness.”