“Detox in the Mountains” – for the Perfect Bikini Figure

“Detox in the Mountains” – for the Perfect Bikini Figure

“Don’t Diet – Do Detox” – Clear mountain air, vegan smoothies and detoxifying massages melt pounds away.

Nutrition, sports and wellness. Three magic words to detoxify the body and to obtain a more vital sense of life – that is the goal of “detox in the mountains”. For the coming summer season, from 17 June, Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains offers a detox cure individually tailored to the body. The ideal way to reduce stress and to get fit.
Everyday life is often marked by stressful deadlines, unbalanced food habits and a lack of sport. All this leaves unwanted traces in the body, and one often feels listless and tired. In order to counteract this, Kempinski St Moritz has put together a matching detox concept. The focus is on the elimination of waste, toxins and impurities in the body’s cells. The cure boosts your metabolism, helps you to lose weight and to cleanse the skin, strengthens the immune system and gives you more power.

The success of the detox cure is in the interaction between the raw vegan cuisine and fruit- and vegetable- based smoothies, which are prepared using various formulations and drunk as needed up to six times daily. In addition, an individually tailored sports-and spa programme is provided, consisting of sunrise yoga, t’ai chi, personal training and detox spa treatments, such as purging body wraps, scrubs and massages – a faster cleaning of internal organs. And for even more relaxation and recreation, enjoy the fresh and clear mountain air and the mineral-rich spring water from the Mauritius source, the birthplace of St Moritz.

“Our individually tailored detox cure cleanses the body from the inside, gives new strength and brings the figure into shape,” explains Reto Stöckenius, General Manager of Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains. “It’s time out and a great opportunity, especially for top managers, to relax and to get power for new projects and goals,” adds the sports lover.

The detox cure is bookable as of today with a minimum stay of six nights in the period from 17 June to 16 October 2016 from CHF 4,940 for two people in a double room. The package includes six nights, including full board, six detox juices daily, three spa treatments during the stay, a daily changing sports programme.